Bilingual service, committed to helping both owners and tenants gain a better experience from leasing.




As an ultimately important component of the one-stop service, we ensure highly-efficient and seamless coordination with sales managers, developers and loan managers.


We coordinate with developers through sales companies, and provide early access to inspection and multiple inspections on a weekly basis to rent properties more efficiently.


No one understands the market better than us. Clients are offered a rent cap scheme stage by stage and property evaluation free-of-charge is offered upon request.


Expertise in platform management; clients can get access at any time to information about their property and relevant reports when the internet is available


Bilingual services and multi-channel (WeChat, etc.) engagement are provided.


With 10 years of industry experience, we have dispute know-how, and understand relevant laws and regulations to protect owners’ rights.  

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Advertising and marketing free-of-charge

Photography free-of-charge

Inspection and inspection reports available

24-hour professional maintenance team

Property information can be accessed at any time


Before helping you rent out your property, we will first conduct a thorough inspection of your property and all relevant facilities and then write a report based on the inspection. This way, owners can have a comprehensive understanding of their property before letting it out. At the same time we will help you decide on a rental price and write advertisements for the property based on the general rental market condition where the property is located. We will make sure the advertisement covers all the strengths of the property. Then we advertise the property on mainstream media platforms and your property will open for inspection at least twice on a weekly basis. On the basis of feedback received from the inspection, further action may be taken after we consult you. We promise not to wage price wars and in this spirit we are generally able to let your property out in a month. We will conduct the first routine inspection in 3 months after the property is rented and record every essential detail during inspection. Routine inspections like this are conducted every six months. If you or we are not happy with the tenant, we will ask the tenant to fix anything within a certain timeframe or issue a termination notice. Rental fees will be transferred to the owner’s account at the end of each month and a financial statement will be provided.

General Procedure for Property Management


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