With continuous growth and improvement in recent years, Noble Group, acting as a sales agent at the beginning of its journey, has been constantly expanding its service into project development, construction, management, investment consulting, customer service, and asset management. Its corporate value and brand image as We Partner Your Success has been widely acknowledged in the industry.

Noble Group, under the same brand, manages a real estate property company, a development management company, a construction company, an asset management company and a property management company, acting as a sales agent for more than 120 projects across Australia and fostering partnerships with more than 50 real estate developers. The group has five independent development and construction projects and 12 highly-competent sales teams managing over two hundreds of salespeople.

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Honesty, Integrity, Customer-first and Win-win outcomes

Offering one-stop project market position research and marketing planning for developers.

We provide clients with expertise in market analysis and investment consulting, covering all premium projects across Australia and assisting clients to identify the best opportunities for investment. Meanwhile, our customer service department was established to offer individualised and customised service in real-estate investment, wealth management and after-sales buying, selling and leasing for clients.



15 years in the local Australian market, we are HIA qualified, with a focus on the construction of high-end houses and every essential detail in construction that contributes to high quality and high standards. Strictly time-controlled during the course of construction, we offer well-rounded and professional services for clients.

Noble Property Services


Committed to adding value to clients’ owned, rented and invested properties. No one knows the service better than us and we speak your language. We help clients achieve maximum return through our one-stop smart and customised service.

Noble Project

Our project management service includes land acquisition, project application and submission, financing advice, construction application and submission, engineering construction management, marketing planning and sales management. We aim to achieve an industry-leading rate of return on projects.


Noble Capital

Honesty, Integrity and Client-first


We target Chinese high net-worth investors in Australia and overseas with wealth management and real-estate property development management plans. We treat every client and partner with honesty and integrity, disclose all essential information and provide advice to overcome changes and volatility in the investment industry with ease, so their investments in Australia can be made safer, easier and quicker. Our team members monitor individual investment portfolios from beginning to end to ensure optimal levels of asset distribution.

ted investment plans for overseas investors.



We entered the Australian real-estate property industry as a sales agent in Sydney.


We served more than 1,000 clients.

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We partnered with more than 50 developers.

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Our first sole agency project opened and sold out.

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201 5

Noble Property Services was established.

Real-estate sales turnover exceeded 1 billion Australian dollars.

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We had 10 highly competent sales teams.

Noble Home Builders was established.

Noble Project Management was established.

Noble Capital was established.

Our sales team exceeded 100 members.

We had a project under the name NOBLE for sale which sold out that same year.

Our company was registered as Noble Investment Group.

Managed and sold more than 100 projects in Sydney and Brisbane.

Initiated joint real-estate property development;

Our teams are still improving, and the Noble Projects are developing at the same time.

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Corporate culture and core values

We uphold our commitment to being a highly trustworthy investment partner with honesty and integrity.
We aim to create maximum value for clients, helping you succeed, and helping us succeed

is the core value of Noble. We believe that companies, just like individuals, should have the courage to keep their promises with honesty and integrity. The courage to uphold promises and exceed expectations fosters success, growth and prosperity.

board members

Ava Li

CEO, founder

Lin Gu

sales director, founder