15-year leading industrial construction experience, HIA-accredited, high-end houses-focused. In the spirit of professionalism and being committed to the notion of modern design, Norton construction has always valued every essential detail in construction that contributes to high-quality and high-standard products. The construction process is strictly time-controlled and clients are provided with advice on how to build a real home for them. Employees of the company have rich local experience and fully take part in the process of construction from the beginning of design to ensure the quality of building and that the design is feasible and rational. Meanwhile, they work and coordinate with the marketing team of the company to better meet clients’ needs in product design, which can pave the way for the success of sales and make certain that project costs can be covered and profits gained.

Affordable price, heart-to-heart service, professional teams, premium design

Our services

House & land packages

This service starts with the client selecting high-quality land or land that has high investment potential, and then continues with cover construction design, building, finishing works and courtyard design. All you need to do is to choose your ideal location, land and one of the floor plans we offer and then we can prepare you with whole new experience of living in house.

knock down & rebuild

We can help you demolish an existing house and start from scratch to rebuild one that you want. We can also assist you with government approvals, finishing works, et al. You can start your new life at ease.


For high-end clients who want a house of their own, and one that can meet demands across the board, we will work with leading industrial designers to bring to life every little detail that belongs to a high-end luxury house. The house cannot be perfect without strict construction control and building materials of the highest quality. We can help you build a house and a home that really belongs to you.

our Advantage


Construction plan/management, lower costs, quality assurance and finishing on time.

Customer service

Professional service, from product selection and financial consulting to settlement and leasing.


Understanding your individual needs and demands.



We provide an accurate and precise analysis of the market, and help you choose an area that has the greatest potential, and is of the highest quality.

featured design

Modern Office
Bright Bedroom
Bright and Modern Kitchen
Modern Bathroom
Bright Living Space
Beach House